Wednesday, 30 January 2013

December bill for One Barnet professional advice - £650k

December supplier payments for Barnet are out today and yet again, One Barnet Implementation Partner, Agilisys, have been billing prodigiously . In December they billed £485,682.03 or more than £25,000/day every working day of December. That brings the total paid to Agilisys in 2012 for the implementation of One Barnet to £3,862,550.32 and over £5.5 million since the contract started. This is the contract that was originally expected to cost "circa £2 million".

Legal advice from Trowers & Hamlins for the Commercial Directorate (which means the One Barnet project) was £164,928.86. So between Agilisys and T&H, it cost Barnet residents £650,000 in December.

Richard Cornelius was saying any delay in implementing One Barnet will cost the council £1 million a month. I now understand why - it's all those bl***y fees.

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