Saturday, 26 January 2013

Icy pavements in Barnet. A solution perhaps?

In Barnet the gritters have been out trying to keep the roads clear (not mine by the way). However they do not seem to have made any attempt to grit or clear the pavements. I have seen lots of people forced to walk in the middle of the road because the pavements were so treacherous. I saw this video of a pavement gritter and thought it seemed such a good idea maybe we ought to have two or three in Barnet. I then found out that these are quite adaptable machines which can be fitted with different attachments for street cleaning as well so can be used year round. It stuck me that if the Townkeepers in Barnet  had access to one of these machines (maybe one between two or three Townkeepers) it might have help keep our pavements a bit clearer.


  1. As a Barnet resident with poor balance and arthritis in my hips, I have definitely found the icy pavements a struggle. Whilst I understand that the council can't be expected to clear residential streets, I'm amazed they haven't made an effort to clear pavements on high streets and main walking routes.

    As a result, I like many others, have had to take the risk of walking in the road (to avoid slipping and injuring ourselves), but conscious that cars may still slip on ice remnants in the road and do us more damage.

    I think it would also be valuable for government (and I'm talking central here, really) to campaign for people to clear their own stretch of pavements in residential areas. Firstly, they need to dispel the ridiculous belief that if you do clear the pavement and someone still slips and injurs themselves, you are liable. And they need to ensure that you are not. And secondly, they need to educate the moronic masses that neither salt nor grit are actually magic potions that can dispel several inches of snow just by being sprinkled over the top. The snow needs to be cleared away manually, and then the cleared area salted / gritted to deal with the remaining moisture.

    1. Hi Kavey, You are right everyone (subject to ability) should try and clear the bit of pavement in front of their own house but as you say there are many stretches on walking routes, near tub and train stations, bus stops and the high street where the council should help. The Council seem to have given up on clearing pavements which is unacceptable.