Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Barnet's IT infrastructure provider goes into adminstration

Oh dear. Today it appears that Barnet  Council's IT infrastructure supplier 2e2 have gone into administration. I blogged about this contract back in July 2011 when I express concerns about the company and the renewal of the contract. In 2010/11 Barnet Council paid 2e2, £1,077,913.62 and in 2011/12 Barnet paid 2e2 £1,370,356.83.

Capita are due to take over in the responsibility for the IT infrastructure in April but what happens for the next two or three months and will it cause problems? This should be a wake up call yet again for the Council that key suppliers can fail and when they do it is all of us that are left with a mess. Beware what you outsource!

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