Friday, 1 February 2013

Friern Barnet Library - Congratulations!

Friern Barnet Community Library issued the following statement last night.

The trustees of FBCL have now received an amended licence from LBB  to allow them to be in the library legally. They will have 2 weeks, with promise of renewal of licence if necessary, to negotiate a lease and other matters. LBB has shown a willingness to amend the licence to their satisfaction.
There was a meeting tonight at 7 pm where it was agreed that Occupy will hand over the keys to the building Tuesday 5th February 12 midday - EVERYONE WELCOME

The local residents thanked Occupy for a fantastic occupation.

Occupy encouraged Friern Barnet Community Library to continue to fight for a paid librarian and said this victory was not just about a local library but about the national campaign to save libraries everywhere.

 Whilst this library building has been saved, Barnet have still washed their hands of the responsibility and costs of running the library. Elsewhere in Barnet the libraries are still under pressure. Last week I was speaking with a couple of librarians who have worked in  the libraries for over 25 years. They have just been subjected to tests which will determine whether or not they keep their jobs. We risk losing a team of highly skilled and committed staff who have delivered a great service to Barnet residents over many years.  It is quite clear to me that Barnet Council wants to run the library service into the ground. They appear not to value the profession of librarians and simply want the cheapest possible service. I just hope that residents realise that all our libraries are still under threat

Congratulations to the Friern Barnet Community Library Group and the Occupy team. They should be praised for what they have achieved. We need more people like them running Barnet Council, people who represent the community in which they live not merely a political ideology.

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