Friday, 4 May 2012

Round One to Common Sense – Round Two Starts Tomorrow

Many said it couldn’t happen but Brian Coleman’s 19,693 majority has been overturned with a 21,299 majority for Andrew Dismore. Let’s also not forget that Oakleigh ward Councillor Sachin Rajput was also thrashed as he stood as a GLA candidate in Brent & Harrow.

Barnet Council need to realise that this vote wasn’t just about the GLA . It was a clear signal on the Conservatives running of Barnet Council and the way they have raised two fingers to the residents. Today the residents of Barnet showed they have had enough. If Brian Coleman is vulnerable every single Conservative seat in Barnet is vulnerable.
Richard Cornelius, now is your chance to stop and reconsider the barmy policies, the undemocratic practices, the uncaring and unfair treatment of the most vulnerable, the high handed and aloof attitude of senior officers. Stop being arrogant and start treating the public with respect. If you don’t change and quickly you will get kicked out in two years time.


  1. Congratulations to Mr Dismore. His was a stunning victory, but let’s keep a sense of perspective. The turnout was only 38% which means that 62% of voters wanted “none of the above”. That is a pretty damning indictment of the political system.

    I voted for Mr Dismore, but only as a protest vote against Brian Coleman. If the Conservatives put up a decent candidate next time, I will consider voting for him/her. I would, of course, prefer an option to vote for the abolition of the GLA in its entirety.

  2. It's the second time Rajput has been thrashed in Brent. Happened in 2010 in Brent Central. I wish you guys would keep him to yourselves. ;)