Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Power of By-Election Voters - use it and use it wisely

Tomorrow is a by election in Brunswick Park ward of Barnet.The voters of that ward are fortunate in that they hold a great deal of power. This by-election is as much about people's satisfaction with the way Conservatives run Barnet as it is to vote for a new Councillor. Promises have been made that the Conservatives will reconsider parking. Frankly, the initial comments coming out suggest that the changes will be minor and will fail to address the fundamental issue that parking is just too expensive. Will they re-open the Friern Barnet Library,  unlikely; what will happen to Osidge Library after the election, who knows?

Of much greater significance is the dogmatic and high risk One Barnet Outsourcing programme. This Billion pound gamble could cost Barnet a fortune. A similar project in Somerset has cost the Council £55 million according to its Conservative Leader Ken Maddock. Yet Barnet Conservatives seem convinced this is answer to all our problems irrespective of how badly it has gone elsewhere.

Tomorrow in Brunswick Park it will  boil down to a pro or anti council vote with Labour being the only party who can successfully represent the anti-council lobby. Let us hope that the voters of Brunswick Park use the vote and use it wisely!

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