Thursday, 31 May 2012

Barnet Council Supplier Payments It's nice to see old friends!

Barnet Council have just released the April supplier payments. A few payments stand out this month as being particularly large.
  • The Barnet Group, the local authority trading company for Barnet Council's housing and social care services received £9,631,916.60. Now I am sure all of that money is warranted but it is a great shame that it falls outside the scrutiny of the council.
  • Logica submitted only 6 invoices but they amounted to £1,135,786.30. I wonder what that was for, possibly for the continuing work on the wonderfully expensive SAP system.

I also came across a supplier called Hurria. Not recognising this company I looked up the company director on line who was named as one Irene Paterson-Hesford. Formed in September last year this is a very new company which always raises suspicions. Anyway, the power of the internet reveals that Mrs Paterson-Hesford is none other than Irene Findlay, formerly Director of Health Integration and Director of Adult Social Services at London Borough of Barnet. Ms Findlay is an Executive Coach so clearly the senior managers at North London Business Park were missing her. The invoice is for a very modest £4,000 but it would be fascinating to know which of the highly paid Barnet Council executive felt the need to employ her services.

Further analysis of the supplier payments will, I'm sure reveal a few more gems but I will leave that for another day!


  1. Within the housing division, must be a bonus forthcoming in addition to the salary of the three Residents Board Members (1 leaseholder, 2 tenants, profiles suggests otherwise) employed on Barnet Homes Board of Directors. The bonus probably for voting, that Barnet Homes become part of Barnet Group, instead of, fighting for the tenants to be balloted on Barnet Homes being returned to full Council control. How personal principles change for 12 pieces of silver when defining "tenants representatives" on Barnet Homes Board.

    " Barnet Homes Chief Executive, Tracey Lees, said: "Some ALMOs have gone back to their councils after finishing their Decent Homes modernisation programmes. Our view was that the ALMO model was proving extremely effective - for us, the council and our residents - so we decided to take quite radical steps to ensure a future for Barnet Homes."

    Presumably, "Radical steps" was ensuring that the tenants would not be consulted while the local Labour Party who did have a housing professional in their Cabinet, would impersonate the three monkeys.

    If those three tenants representatives are getting paid at least a minimum of £2000 appx and rising, at the expense of representing tenants then hopefully, this extra income they earn ( they call it expenses ) is being declared to HM Customs and Inland Revenue.

    The profile of the "two tenants" on that board according to the Barnet Homes website suggests they must be the privileged Big Society.

  2. Mr Reasonable has every right to view Ms Findlay and Hurria's activities with caution.

    The company name 'Hurria' may well have been taken from 'Al Hurria' the Arabic TV channel - which evolved from adopting the Iraqi issue and the project of building the new Iraq; Ms Findlay's work experience includes being seconded to Iraq to advise on the reconstruction of social care in that country.

    Ms Findlay's email address on the Hurria company website

    shows .cm, which is a Cameroon domain name.

    Also showing on the email address 'the water gardens', which leads onto another definition of 'Hurria'

    : a small genus of East Asian broad-snouted water snakes (family Homalopsidae)

    this type of water snake is mildly posionous.

    Let's hope Barnet Council doesn't get bitten.