Saturday, 5 May 2012

Barnet Council - 26 Days to Demonstrate You Want to Change

There were many smiling faces at the Friern Barnet pop up Library this morning. Along with bloggers Barnet Eye, Mr Mustard and Mrs Angry, and Green candidate Audrey Poppy were many people relieved in one way or another to see the back of Mr Coleman. The talk was all about his defeat in the GLA election and the scale of Andrew Dismore's victory. Mr Dismore got 44% of the vote compared to 31% for Mr Coleman. However Barnet & Camden residents voted 49% for Boris and 35% Ken so clearly people were not voting simply on party lines. This was a concerted effort to rid Barnet of one of its most disliked politician's - and it worked!

Although I am pleased that Brian Coleman not longer represents us on the GLA he is still a cabinet member in Barnet and the Council continue to pursue their high risk strategy of One Barnet outsourcing, their uncaring Unfairer Contributions Policy, killing the high street with expensive pay by phone parking, closing libraries, private events in the parks to name but a few.

The next election coming up is in Brunswick Park ward on Thursday 31 May. Barnet Council have 26 days to demonstrate that they have learned from Brain Coleman's rejection by the electorate and to start changing. If the Council try and fob off residents with a few concessions on parking charges residents may be force to teach them another lesson.

Cllr Cornelius, please use this opportunity to re-exert your authority. Move Brian Coleman out of the cabinet away from his power base and start listening to the residents. Re-open Friern Barnet Library. Reverse the parking madness and give the shops a chance. Put a halt to the One Barnet Outsourcing programme, sack the consultants and hold an open forum to discuss how savings can be made in a way that minimises the impact on the most vulnerable.

Failure to show residents you want to change will lead to you being rejected at the ballot box in 26 days time and again in 2014.

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