Thursday, 3 May 2012

Empty Polling Station - For Goodness Sake Get Out and Vote!

I have just returned from my local polling station which seemed rather like the Marie Celeste. No one else was there and apparently voting has been very slow.

One thing that makes me really cross is people who moan about politicians but then don’t vote. Sadly I suspect that the apathy engendered by the GLA and mayoral elections has switched off many potential voters some of whom no longer see any point in voting. As DCMD put it in a comment on this blog yesterday "same meat different gravy".

The Machiavellian in me suspects that actually the big parties really don’t mind when people become apathetic because they can do what they want with little or no opposition. This will reduce the health of our democracy to a point where we simply become passive consumers of a totalitarian state. It sounds a bit melodramatic but it is happening all around us.

If people want to retain some control over how their lives are managed by the state then for goodness get out and exercise your democratic right – PLEASE VOTE!


  1. Or it could be that lots of people have exercised their right to vote by postal ballot, thereby ensuring they don't accidentally fail to vote because of unexpected delays or being out of town...
    I always do this, as that way I don't have to worry about making it to my polling station.

  2. I do hope so but sadly I suspect not. 2008 was a highpoint in turnout for the Mayoral election which I do not think will be repeated