Thursday, 15 November 2012

One Barnet Outsourcing - "We do NOT have a mandate" says Tory Councillor

In today's Barnet Press there is an article featuring Councillor Khatri and his concerns about One Barnet Outsourcing. In the article he makes it clear that he does not believe the Conservatives have an electoral mandate to implement the massive outsourcing programme.

"None of the literature we distributed before the election mentioned one iota of this". 

"Nowhere in any campaign literature or leaflets or articles written by councillors was it made clear that they would start a massive outsourcing programme." 

"The local people do not want this and were not consulted hence the vociferous reaction by residents."

Councillor Khatri said that he remains "unconvinced" about the One Barnet outsourcing programme. It is just a shame that this only came out following a leak of an email exchange between Councillor Khatri and Hendon MP Matthew Offord.

I believe that Councillor Khatri is an honourable person, he is a scientist and I am sure he is a man who believes in evidence. He appears to be very uncomfortable about the current One Barnet programme. I wonder how many other Councillors are equally unhappy about this high risk programme but are not prepared to speak out publicly. The council will be making a decision in the next couple of weeks that will commit the council to a huge, high risk contract for the next 10 years. I just hope that the Conservative Councillors who share Councillor Khatri's concerns put the interest of the people they represent above party loyalty and start expressing their concerns publicly.


  1. Surely Mr Reasonable the "leader" of the council, Richard Cornelius, wasn't telling us an untruth at One Barnet Question Time last week when he said that One Barnet was in the election literature. I can't remember anything from the bumph of 2010 but I do remember the bumph for Shaheen Mahmood which is on my blog

    and on the Barnet Bugle

    which are recent and the 3 reasons to vote for Shaheen do not include One Barnet. As it is so pivotal you would think that is a bit of an omission.

    Well done Councillor Khatri.

    1. Exactly Mr Mustard. Cllr Cornelius was very clear that he felt they did have a mandate. However if you visit the Barnet Conservative website you can look at their 2010 manifesto and at no place does it mention mass outsourcing something I and a number of people have been saying for the last two years. It is at least reassuring that a conservative councillor shares that view.

  2. I am appalled, truly appalled. I have sat in many meetings where Cllr Khatri has been present: whilst he is clearly a decent man, he rarely, in my experience, speaks, or asks questions.

    It is the job of councillors to challenge, scrutinise, and satisfy themselves, on our behalf, that the policies which they are endorsing are acceptable. To privately express doubt on such a fundamental level at this point is simply not good enough.

    I am sure that the majority of Tory councillors now realise what a mess we are in and share the same doubts as Cllr Khatri. They have only one way in which they can redeem themselves, and that is to speak out, loudly NOW, before it is too late. If they do not, in my view they should be held legally accountable for the inevitable wholescale failure of the privatisation programme.

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