Monday, 5 November 2012

Barnet's Decision Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day in Barnet. No, I know Brian Coleman made his court appearance today but tomorrow is the full council meeting and the vote of no confidence in Richard Cornelius. It all hinges on the One Barnet Outsourcing programme. All the evidence shows that this consultant driven project is very high risk and would outsource democracy for the next ten years. Even Brian Coleman has spoken out against One Barnet.

There are other alternatives and I would be delighted to share my 8 point savings plan with Richard. Pulling the plug on One Barnet and getting all the key stakeholders involved in working together to deliver the savings that are required could make so many problems disappear. It would show that Richard is prepared to be his own man and not do as he is told by the senior officers. It would help to re-engage residents and show them that the Council is genuinely willing to listen to the electorate.

However, failure to pull the plug before the vote tomorrow night will show a contempt for residents, a willingness to trust consultants over the views of many and the denial of evidence from numerous failed outsourcing projects. More importantly it will ratchet up the pressure even further, it will split the Conservative group and it will guarantee that the Conservatives lose control of the council in 2014. Richard, please think carefully and do the right thing. Pull the plug on One Barnet.

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