Friday, 2 November 2012

BT Saves money - by bring outsourced services back in house. One Barnet credibility exhausted!

This article is reported in tonight's Evening Standard

Watch out, outsourcing companies. Telecoms giant BT says it is cutting costs and saving money by — wait for it — stopping outsourcing and getting its own staff to do these tasks instead.
“We think we can run a number of things more efficiently ourselves,” says chief executive Ian Livingston. An example is that BT has brought its “facilities management capability” in-house, which requires about 1500 staff. That step has removed about 10% of the cost base. Might that be the margin that the outsourcing company was taking before?

So in house can be cheaper and more cost effective than outsourcing. I hope that BT has the good grace to withdraw from One Barnet forthwith.

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