Thursday, 5 April 2012

Save Friern Barnet Library Protest Pictures

While I was outside the Library today a chap walked up looking rather concerned. He asked what was going on. When I explained that the library was closed he seemed quite upset. I asked if he had come to bring back some books but he told me that he was unemployed and in receipt of jobseekers allowance (JSA). He used the internet access to look for jobs, a condition of his JSA, but now he would have to go to another library. With nothing in place yet at the Artsdepot he would have to go to Bowes Road Library and off he trudged. Councillors whizz around in their cars and assume everyone else enjoys the same privileges. Sadly they don't and for those people local libraries are an essential lifeline. Cabinet members are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent and that is a big problem.

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  1. Nice pics, Mr R. I like pics that tell a story.

    While we were waiting for the occupation to start I was sitting by the issue desk. A few people were upset to hear the library was closing. I listened as one of the librarians gave the most lengthy imaginable description of how one woman could get to the next 'nearest' library.

    The description went on for about five minutes, which really makes it clear how daft this closure is. This woman didn't have a car either, and she hadn't heard of half the 'landmarks' the librarian was telling her to look out for to signpost her way.

    Barnet is a bloomin' big borough! The elderly, disabled people, families with small children will not be able to go to the next 'nearest' library. Ergo, they won't be able to use a library at all.

    Bravo, Barnet council! Real stupid result.