Saturday, 14 April 2012

Proof that Barnet Council is completely out of touch

Many Barnet residents have little or no knowledge of the workings of Barnet Council. Next week we have a council meeting during which Councillors can ask questions. The list of questions has been published here.

Having read through the questions and the answers it simply illustrates the juvenile tit-for-tat antics of councillors. I would genuinely ask residents to read these questions and answers and then consider if they think our councillors are actually giving us value for money or are suitable to run the largest London Borough.

Quite frankly I think my teenage children act more rationally and sensibly that Councillors seem to portray in these questions and answers. Councillors are well rewarded for their time. A basic allowance of £10,597 can be topped up with special responsibility allowances. The total allowance for the Leader is £45,506. However chairing a committee can also be lucrative topping up their allowance to £25,930. Cabinet members pull in just over £28,000. Do residents believe that is value for money - I certainly don't.

Councillors must start to realise that if they are being paid the equivalent of what many people receive for a full time job they should start taking it seriously and stop this childish point scoring which benefits no one.


  1. This is one of the main reasons why full council meetings do not usually see the attendance of Mr Mustard. He will be playing snooker. Potting balls instead of listening to balls.

  2. Reddit.

    Robert Rams' admissions about the 'landmark library' at the Artsdepot, to replace Friern Barnet (now closed) and North Finchley libraries, are staggering.

    He now admits that the plans for it are... well, there aren't any plans as yet. Talks about talks about plans have only just begun with the Artsdepot. Staggering.

    And the putative library will only go ahead if they can get funding from here, there and everywhere. And if they can't? Staggering.