Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cultural Demolition - Why Barnet Has Got It's Priorities So Wrong

Last night Barnet Council once and for all killed off Friern Barnet Library. Cultural demolition all to save a £100,000. Some people may say that is a lot of money and yes it is. However, in the first two months of 2012 Barnet Council paid over £500,000 to one set of consultants to advise them on the high risk One Barnet outsourcing project. This illustrates the just how misguided the Council's priorities have become.

Thousands of people have opposed the closure of this library. The community have come up with a real alternative for the library as a Community Hub. Barnet should be proud to have such a responsive and constructive community but sadly all they care about is money. Friern Barnet library will be sold and a capital sum generated. Will the landmark library at the Arts Deport ever get built? who knows, but one thing for sure is that as of 4pm today the residents of Friern Barnet will have been cheated out of their local library and that is a disgrace.

Sadly Barnet's Conservative Cabinet members place no value on community or culture - just money.

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  1. You are only slightly wrong Mr Reasonable. The Council didn't wait until 4pm they struck at lunchtime and closed the library. However #occupyFB got there first because they know you can't trust what the council says.