Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Barnet Council - yet another interim manager

Today's batch of delegated powers reports reveals the appointment of an interim head of procurement at a cost of £59,792 for a six months contract. Now I know the Audit Committee tomorrow is going to be a difficult meeting given the shortcomings that still exist in procurement but is apppointing yet another consultant to this post going to cure the problem. I thought, obviously foolishly, that consultant Mr Mick Stokes, Assistant Director Commerical Assurance was responsible for procurement but I must be wrong.

On the day that the national press has been criticising Barnet Council for the number of senior officers paid over £100,000 a year, the Council goes and adds another person on the equivalent of £120,000 a year. Not clever timing guys.

The reason that we have had a string of consultants in this role is because by the end of the year Barnet will have handed the responsibility for procurement (and numerous other functions) to either BT or Capita. The problem is that Barnet's senior management have been so focused on bringing in One Barnet Outsourcing that important day to day roles like procurement have been delegated to a string of consultants. In my humble opinion, this is not a fit and proper way to run a £1 billion a year organisation.


  1. Mr Reasonable, will you please slow down: I can't keep up with your posts today. Are you filling in for Mr Mustard?

    I believe, although I may be wrong, that Mr Mick Stokes has gone to stoke the lambent flames of some other employer. I am sure that his brief stay in Barnet was most enjoyable.

    See you at the Audit meeting tomorrow.

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