Sunday, 3 June 2018

April Supplier Payments - Good job someone reads these spreadsheets

As you may know I keep a running track of supplier payments each month. April's figures were published last Wednesday but reading through them it was quite clear there was a problem.  First of all there was £8 million of redacted payments classified as personal data. This is many time more than would usually be seen. In addition there were no payments to Comensura. which are typically between £1.3 and £1.8 million.

I asked for Capita to go back and check the data and on Friday they republished the list. Redacted payments fell from £8 million to £2 million, Comensura payment were £1.4 million  plus a range of other payments adding up to a further £4.6 million. Interestingly there was a payment of  £225,394 to London Borough of Harrow for fuel. This is because Barnet share Harrow's depot for some of the refuse vehicles and have to buy their fuel via Harrow. Are we getting the best deal - who knows but because Barnet messed up the Oakleigh Road depot, which is too small, we have no alternative.

Capita had no substantial payments this month but Re had a payment of £2.9 million, surprising given that they received an advance payment of £16 million last year - that must have run out.

I do wish someone would check these payments before they are published rather than leave it to the public to tell them they have got it wrong.

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