Thursday, 23 June 2011

One Barnet - That'll be another £150k please

The One Barnet juggernaut ploughs on consuming resources along the way. I read with interest in the latest Delegated Powers Report DPR 1345 that the One Barnet programmmes needs some more people to help keep it on track. Two Assistant Project Managers for a fixed term contract of 2 years, each person earning between £35,418 - £38,069 per annum plus on costs. Now given that Barnet initiated the tendering process for a mass outsourcing contract last week with a value of between £600 million and £750 million then I suppose another £150k seems like a drop in the ocean. However, given the Council has just been through a round of front line redundancies it does seem somewhat insensitive.It also worries me that One Barnet spending continues to rise which seems strange for a strategy that is suppose to save money.

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  1. How will it ever end Mr Reasonable ? In an apocalypse ?