Thursday, 16 June 2011

£1 million to leave Barnet Council

Reading through the un-audited accounts I have come across some pretty shocking news. In 2010/11 Barnet council paid out over £1 million in "compensation for loss of office". In other words, people paid to leave. The largest payment was to Mr Brian Reynolds, former Executive Director for Environment and Development. He was paid the handsome sum of £280,485 to leave. Others payments for compensation for loss of office include the former:

- Director of Environment and Transport £143,832
- Acting head of Health Integration (Irene Findlay) £106,685
- Assistant Director Inclusion £103,955
- Assistant Director Building Control & Structures £96,692
- Principle Inspector Challenge Intervention £95,661
- Director of Strategy £67,793
- Director of Corporate Services £58,923
- Assistant Director Shared Services £42,675
- Assistant Director Regeneration £20,511

These are huge sums of money being paid out yet the council has advertised for a new Head of Planning Environment & Regeneration on £140,000 a year. What on earth is going on!


  1. Why oh why oh why do we let this lot near our money - its not safe.

  2. As far as I know, Stewart Murray hasn't actually buggered off to his new job in Redbridge, so may be competing for his old job of 'Head of Planning Environment & Regeneration'.

  3. Most public authorities prefer to pay off staff rather than be taken to court for incompetently sacking incompetent staff. In other words Barnet don't even have the competence to sack incompetent staff so they pay them off instead. It's only taxpayer's money after all.

  4. I understand that some of these payments are statutory redundancy payments as a result of Council downsizing.