Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Metpro Invoices

Straight after the Council meeting on 1 March I submitted a Freedom of Information Request regarding MetPro. One of the questions I asked related to the number of staff and cost. The response I received was that there were 7 Metpro staff on duty and the cost was £411 plus VAT.

In the last 24 hours the Metpro invoices have been disclosed and they show some very worrying signs of poor procedure like a hand written timesheet different charging rates etc. Of particular interest to me are the invoices which relate to the council meeting on 1 March. On closer examination the invoices for council meeting show only five staff on duty at a cost of £411 plus VAT, not seven staff as detailed in the FOI response. I duly emailed the FOI department to query this and almost by return was told that yes there were seven staff on duty but MetPro had only billed for five staff! I wonder how many times the reverse was true.


  1. Ask for proof and report them to the ICO

  2. I believe that "MetPro (Risen from the Grave) Limited" should have NOT charged VAT unless
    (a) it could supply a VAT registration number, or
    (b) it stated that "VAT Registration Applied For".

    Neither is the case.

  3. baarnett, I can't believe that whoever processed this invoice didn't immediately rejects it without a VAT number. It just seems to get worse.