Monday, 9 September 2013

Lots of new recycling bins but nowhere to recycle the waste

Just published on the Council's website is  an urgent decision that will be taken at the Cabinet Meeting on 24 September. This decision is exempt from call in meaning that no one can challenge it.

Description: The council requires a reprocessing outlet for the recyclable materials to be collected from households and recycling banks from 7 October 2013, in readiness for the launch of new in-house waste and recycling collection services from 14 October 2013. A recent procurement exercise has not delivered the expected cost-effective options, and the report seeks agreement for the council to work with the North London Waste Authority to put in place arrangements for the reprocessing of recyclable materials.

So the Council have spent £3.7 million on new recycling bins yet the contract to process all the recycled waste they will generate is not in place because it doesn't save enough money. I did question the savings at the Chipping Residents Forum back in June but on that occasion mine and other residents's concerns were simply swept aside.

What a mess!

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  1. Of course the NLWA won't know that the council is over a barrel and can be charged any figure the NLWA fancy?