Friday, 2 August 2013

Wot no Agilisys - Barnets Supplier payments for June

Looking through the supplier payments for June, one thing jumped out at me - no payments to Agilisys. Given that their bill has reached more than £7 million and bills have been running at around £250k- £300k per month, the lack of any payments to Agilisys is somewhat of a surprise. Maybe someone has at last pulled the plug on this juggernaut, maybe it is an oversight and we will get a double bill next month.

Other interesting payments were £378,996.49 paid to Trowers & Hamlin, the Councils legal advisors. Perhaps if Barnet had bothered to consult the residents we wouldn't have been landed with such a huge legal bill.

Oh and even though Capita haven't been awarded the NSCSO contract yet - pending the judgement on the Judicial Review Appeal - they have managed to secure a very lucrative short term deal which in June paid them £167,625 for the "NSCSO Management Fee"

NSL were paid £269,537.70 for operating the parking system. I would suggest anyone who is concerned about this should read Mr Mustard's blog on the payments to NSL.

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  1. Payments to NSL look a bit complicated with lots of ins & outs cancelling each other out as is if somebody couldn't decide how much to pay them. I'll look at NSL in more detail next June when Audit inspection is available as I have been banned from asking questions about parking (finding too many things wrong is probably why).