Monday, 19 August 2013

North Finchley Car Parking Update

I blogged about proposals for North Finchley Business Car Parking last week which to me seemed ill informed based on just 7 responses to a letter sent to 450 businesses. I hadn't quite grasped just what they were proposing in the Delegated Powers Report, so this morning when I read the consultation document here it made my blood boil.

Three car parks, Woodhouse Road, Stanhope Road Lower car park (the one on the right I think) and Castle Road car park will be made Business Permit Parking only. "Pay by phone and all other parking payment methods would no longer apply in these car parks." For Woodhouse Road I am less concerned because it is only ten spaces and in Stanhope Road it is 30 spaces and there are two other car parks in the road, but the car park in Castle Road is 59 places and it is the only car park at that end of the town centre (other than Aldi's).

As a frequent user of Argos at North Fnchley, Castle Road is the nearest car park and the one I always use especially if purchasing something heavy or bulky; walking to Stanhope Road car park is just too far. From my perspective if they make Castle Road car park business permit holders only, I'll just stop using Argos in North Finchley and nip over to Borehamwood instead where you can park right outside the shop for free.

I understand that business users need car parking spaces and that the huge hike in prices in 2011 sent the number of permit holders plummeting from 194 to just 23.  But this seems an ill conceived approach. The rational for converting these car parks to business permit holders only is because these car parks are "under utilised". Surely the council should be looking at ways to drive many more shoppers into North Finchley so these car parks aren't under utilised.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I remember when on a Saturday it was difficult to find a  space in any of the car parks. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this needs more thought but either way let the council know your views by emailing or calling:

Gavin Woolery-Allen (Senior Engineer) 
Traffic and Development Section  
0208 359 7545 

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  1. I think that the separate categorisation of residents permits and business user permits exists so that higher amounts can be charged to a business user and for on-street use the council cannot justify a higher charge for a business than for a resident. The effect of having separate bays for so many categories is to reduce the amount of parking space for all.