Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Provisional Dates for Judicial Review Appeal Announced - What's the Delay?

Today, Maria Nash's barrister has been informed of the provisional (although highly likely) dates of 7/8 October for the Judicial Review appeal. That seems like a bit of a way off especially as Maria's barrister and legal team are ready and waiting to go to court. Apparently Barnet's team cannot make an earlier date and rather than switch legal teams they are happy to sit it out till October.

I just hope Richard Cornelius doesn't  start blamestorming again - the delay is down to you and your team and no one else. I also hope that Capita are in the loop on this latest information as their temporary contract to assist Barnet Council while awaiting the appeal, expires on 21 June, so what happens after that?

And let us not forget we are in this situation because Barnet FAILED to consult.

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