Wednesday, 26 June 2013

£1 million pounds of talent around the table

The Cabinet meeting on Monday saw a collection of senior officers around the table. When you look at the Council's website you start to realise what an expensive lot they actually are.

Kate Kennally Director for People £153,464
Chris Naylor our new Chief Operating Officer £158,464
Craig Cooper Director of Commercial Services £132,480
Pam Wharfe Director for Place £134,870
Maryellen Salter  who I believe£103,486
is Assurance Director
Andrew Travers Interim Chief Executive £187,683
Andrew Nathan Head of Governance  - not listed as he is comparatively new to the post
There was a lady there from the legal department but I do not suspect her salary is anywhere near as eyewatering as the others present.
Sat in front of me throughout the meeting was the Assistant Director of Communications who last year was paid £117,432 and sat next to me was Dawn Wakeling, Adults and Communities Director on £124,870.
It is a shame that the Assistant Director of Commercial assurance wasn't there (or was she) - her pay for last year was £179,250.

When Richard Cornelius talks about cutting costs perhaps he should start with his senior officers. Oh and just to be clear, all this salary information is in the public domain no secrets have been revealed.


  1. Andrew Nathan, Head Of Governance, any relation to that un-elected member of the Cabinet, Tom Nathan, General Manager, Brent Cross Shopping Centre and free parking or is it just coincedence?

  2. My wife was one of the 4 long-serving loyal and committed(26 years in her case) library managers made redundant in the library restructure at the end of March. She has been unable to find another job in spite of her exemplary working record. And yet we pay these preening peacocks in North London Business Park the earth - for what, one asks? Certainly no value here for the taxpayer - even if they were competent, they wouldn't be worth it. But they're not....