Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Barnet's short term solutions - Halve the number of Youth Centres and Youth Support Workers

Short term cuts can often have long term consequences. Reading through the Council's disclosure log I came across this most disturbing response. The question asked for the "Number of youth centres and youth services staff employed by the local authority in 2012 compared to 2011 and 2010".

The response was as follows:

Number of Youth Centres
Number of Youth Support Service staff
99.3 FTE
54.6 FTE
54.6 FTE

 So Barnet have halved the number of youth centres and virtually halved the number of youth support workers. What will be the consequences of these cuts? Will anti-social behaviour rise? Will children have less opportunities to develop and thrive? 

In Barnet we have 90,400 under 19 year olds and 41,900 10-19 year olds yet we still think it is a sensible investment in their future to cut facilities and support staff to this group by half. What message are we sending about how we value of children and in Barnet it seems to be "not much".


  1. Oh Mr Reasonable another excellent blog of the bleeding obvious - why is it that Barnet Council can't see the blindingly obvious? and yet residents can, and then when you point it out to the council, they don't wnat to listen to you, they bunker down and go into denial mode. They are cutting the wrong things. £250,000 a month to Agilisys, stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The "Gangs of Totteridge" are probably quite few in number, so the

    (a) Leader,

    (b) partner of Leader, and

    (c) alleged North Finchley wrist chiropractor

    probably aren't that bothered.