Thursday, 23 August 2012

Openness and transparency Mr Pickles? - Not in Barnet

 Today Eric Pickles announced legislation to open up Town  Halls to bloggers and armchair auditors. Well Eric let's hope it gives Barnet Council a kick up the a**e because frankly they need it.

Having asked for information which is available at the touch of a button and it not being supplied I complained and was told that they would need 20 day to conduct an internal review. This afternoon I have been told that 20 dfays is not enough and they need more time . Well Barnet I can tell you whose laptop the information is on and in 15 seconds it could be printed off. Why are you making me wait 2 months to hand it over? Because you hate people asking awkward questions, because you think bloggers don't deserve to be told anything or because if you can make people wait you will.

Fellow Barnet Blogger Vicki Morris had an article today on the Guardian's website about disengagement with communities. Barnet are experts at disengagement and stalling information which is readily available for months is just one of the many and well used tactics in their disengagement repertoire.

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  1. There is a guaranteed disengagement strategy which will be deployed in May 2014. Vote for another candidate.