Friday, 31 August 2012

Barnet Supplier Payments - is spending out of control?

The supplier payments for July are out this morning and yet again Barnet Council's Implementation Partner have been well rewarded. They have billed £276,454.77 this month and there seems no sign of the spending on this contract slowing down. For a contract that was originally budgeted to cost 'circa' £2 million and could end up costing close to £6 million, I am constantly surprised at the relaxed approach the council take to this contract.

Please read this blog on Monday as there will be some very interesting details about this contract.

I also note that the new parking contractor NSL has billed £588,195.32 this month. I hope that this represents a saving on what the previous in house team cost. Perhaps the Council would care to enlighten us?

My question is who is monitoring all this spending other than the Bloggers?

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  1. I was going to explain all of this to you Mr R and then I looked at the entries in the over £500 lists. What a mess.

    £220,834 in and then reversed out.
    £26,504 in and then reversed out.
    £58,529 in and then reversed out.

    Someone booked 3 invoices in on 18 July and then again on 19 July. Confusion is the order of the day at NLBP.

    I await the July invoices under FOI and then I will be able to enlighten you, possibly by the time that hell freezes over.