Thursday, 17 November 2011

Residents Forum Shown Two Fingers by Council

At the September Chipping Barnet Residents Forum there was a very sensible discussion about the withdrawal of the light controlled pedestrian crossing at the junction of the Whetstone High Road and Oakleigh Road North. It was quite clear that many elderly residents were very concerned that the removal of the light controlled signal (covered up) had made the junction very dangerous. Interestingly it was noted by the Chair, Cllr Kate Salinger that when the trial had been introduced on the other side of the junction (in Totteridge ward) a certain councillor of that ward had demanded that the trial be stopped and it was withdrawn just one month after being introduced. Cllr K Salinger was quite insistent that officers should sort this matter out quickly and it was raised at the environment committee which immediately follows the residents forum.

So did the council listen to what people were telling them. Did the council listen to what the elected councillor for the ward was saying? No. In today's batch of delegated powers reports there is a report signed by Cllr Coleman saying they want to keep the trial going because it saves money. How much? £3,480. So if you are elderly and find it difficult to cross the road, tough luck. Keeping the cars moving and saving three and a half grand is more important.

As for the role of Residents Forums this action shows quite clearly, the council don't give a stuff what residents think. Oh and by the way we can't raise the subject again for at least 6 months. What a bl**dy joke!


  1. This just makes my blood boil: like you, Mr Reasonable I was at that memorable forum where this was raised by an elderly local resident with very valid concerns for safety.Why does Cllr Coleman not try and save money on his side of the road? Or is the price of one of his Totteridge constituent's lives more valuable - worth more than £3,480, anyway? Pathetic,and yet everything you might expect in this rotten borough of ours. I suggest residents attend the forum and raise it anyway, as they have every moral right to do, and I invite any Tory councillor to attend and explain their colleague's ludicrouse decision.

  2. I wonder if there is a resident with a video camera and a little time who lives near to this junction who could film the junction for 30 minutes or so in order to see if the problem is as bad as we think it is.