Friday, 25 November 2011

East Barnet Residents beware - Bin Lorry Depot to be Relocated to Oakhill Park?

At last night's residents forum a little birdy told me to look again at what first seemed a rather innocuous Delegated Powers Report which related to the appointment of an architect. Looking further into the report it appears they want the architect to prepare plans for "The redevelopment and expansion of both the Copthall and Oakhill Satellite Depots to provide fit for purpose facilities for the Council’s Parks and Cleansing Services and to facilitate the regeneration of Mill Hill East by moving these services out of the existing Depot into the newly developed Satellite sites". What I had not grasped is that the small parks depot in Oakhill looks like it is to be turned into the bin lorry depot for this side of the borough. Now for those who don't who know the area in Oakhill Park it is a small fenced area immediate off the car park and is tiny. Perhaps it would hold 3 bin lorries at most. Immediately behind the small area are houses for the elderly, owned by the Lancelot Hasluck Trust. It also transpires that this issue was one of the questions refused at last night's residents forum. So the council want to sneak in a great big bin lorry depot down a very narrow road (Parkside Gardens) in the park car park and immediately behind a cluster of elderly peoples homes. Oh and we aren't allowed to discuss it at the residents forum. When were our local councillors, Cllrs Rams, Evangeli and J Tambourides going to tell us about this proposal?

If these plans are true then this is a disgrace and ever single person in East Barnet should be queuing up at the next councillors surgery on Saturday 3 December at New Barnet Community Centre, 48-50 Victoria Road, New Barnet EN4 9PF.


  1. This suggests a "Plan B" for the council, because they now think they cannot move their depot from Mill Hill to Pinkham Way, which is actually over the border in Haringey.

  2. I've now been told that not everthing was going to go the Pinkham Way - maybe these are the "left-overs".

    You can no doubt do a FoI request to find out.

    The "grit mountain" was one thing that was not going to Pinkham Way, I'm told. Perhaps they could move that to Brian Coleman's road, to enable them to grit his road and pavement with the high priority he seems to have demanded, and been receiving.

  3. What with this dust truck central & the proposed private parties/events/car boots at Oak Hill Park, New Broadwater Farm in Cat Hill, things are soon gonna get pretty crowded round here in East Barnet! I say we build a Bypass right through the area's ancient woodland to cope with all that lovely, extra traffic!!

  4. The summary on the front page the Delegated Powers Report sya: To accept the quotation from Bond Bryan Architects to develop detailed designs for both the Copthall & Oakhill Satellite Depots and produce planning applications ready for submission by 31st March 2011.
    Should this be 31st March 2012???

  5. it is predicted that heads will roll what a bunch of clowns