Thursday, 6 October 2011

Alternative Residents’ Forum - Cllr Gordon Seems a Bit Upset

I read in today’s Barnet Press a letter from Cllr Gordon talking about the “private forum” held on Tuesday. Firstly Cllr Gordon, it wasn’t private. It was open to the public and the press and I’m sure they can reassure you that no one was asked for the ID before being allowed to enter. Cllr Gordon believes that the Hendon forum is free from constraints and that a wide range of matters were discussed. Well that certainly wasn’t the case at the Chipping Barnet Forum where one of my questions requiring a simple yes or no answer was disallowed and where a number of people expressed concerns that we were not allowed to discuss matters of “Council Policy”. I was most interested in his comment that, “With firm chairmanship those individuals (people who he calls anti council agitators) are fairly swiftly subdued”. Frankly that sounds more like something Gaddafi would have said rather than an elected councillor. He notes that “it is unfortunate that they cannot find something for constructive to do with their spare time”. So we should just sit and accept everything Cllr Gordon tells us because of course he is a Councillor and he is always right.
Well Cllr Gordon, I can tell you that there are lots of unhappy residents of Barnet who are fed up being told what is best for them by a bunch of councillors who are both arrogant and out of touch with what many local people are saying. Ignore them at your peril!


  1. I would have thought that engaging in local democracy made us perfect citizens? I suspect that we read more council papers than mosts councillors Mr R.

    We do have better things to do with our spare time Cllr Gordon but whilst we have greedy shambolic secretive and uncaring councillors then bloggers have to give up much of their free time. Become sensible and boring council and Mr Mustard will hang up his pen ( better send for another groos of pens I think )

  2. Mr Mustard: Don't forget Mr Cameron's warning in his speech yesterday: use of spirit-based pens must be in a well-ventilated area, and wearing hand and eye protection.

    (I'm still smarting that Mrs Angry failed to recognise the source of my comment on Broken Barnet. Perhaps she doesn't read the quality papers.)

  3. well said, Mr R: and baarnett, do read my comment this morning, and advice on ignoring Dave. Mrs Angry only reads The Lady.