Tuesday, 18 October 2011

£98k for another interim manager at Barnet Council

Today's crop of Delegate Powers reports shows the appointment of an interim finance manager at a cost of £98,000. Interestingly, although the report is dated yesterday this is in fact a retrospective approval for someone who has been in post since 1 April this year. This interim finance manager will be working on the SAP Optimisation project. For those who aren't up with the jargon SAP is the giant computer system which helps run Barnet Council and which has so far cost over £23 million. On a day when some of the council staff are on strike for trying to protect front line jobs, it seems somewhat ironic that the council is appointing yet another highly paid 'interim' manager on this monster IT project. Perhaps if the council spent a bit less on all the expensive IT systems, consultants and interim managers (Chief financial officer £1,000 a day, Assistant Director HR £140k last year,to name but two) then they wouldn't be needing to make so many cuts to essential services.


  1. Was there a purchase order?

    Is there a contract ?

    How did the invoices get approved & paid?

    Has the Procurement Action Plan been breached?

    Are Barnet Council useless?

  2. Took the words right out of my mouth, Mr Mustard. Six months to formalise another 'arrangement'?