Friday, 8 April 2011

What is the future for Residents' Forums?

The Special Committee(Constitution)are meeting next Thursday (14 April) to consider a number of issues including options for the future of Residents Forums in the borough. There is some market research at the end of the report which was drawn from 2 focus groups and they come to some interesting conclusions.

I would be very interested to understand what other residents believe should be the role of Residents' Forums and how they might be developed to enhance the feeling of democratic engagement in the borough.

Better still email Barnet Council and request to speak at the meeting. The link to make a request to speak is on the same page as the agenda items but make sure you get your request in no later than 10 am on Monday morning to make sure it is on time.


  1. have you seen item 9.10 of the proposals, Mr R? 'All matters raised at the Residents Forum shall be items on the agenda for the Area Environment sub-committee ...' er, am I reading this correctly, sounds awfully like another attempt to stifle the free voice of residents, who wish to put awkward questions to their elected representatives ...

  2. Oh yes Mrs A and the proposal goes much much further.