Friday, 1 April 2011

Mr Reasonable's Kitchen

Times are tough in Barnet and I have been thinking of new ideas to generate revenue. It has been a hard decision but I have decided that my culinary skills have been undervalued. Following receipt of an email this morning, I am pleased to confirm that, as of tomorrow, my blog will be renamed Mr Reasonable’s Kitchen where I will share my famous tasty and economical recipes. To generate income I have been lucky to secure sponsorship from a major supermarket operator who, at this stage, wishes to remain anonymous. In addition, I will also be moving my blog behind a paywall where for a very reasonable £5 a week you will be able to view my finest recipes. Tomorrow’s first recipe is one of my all time favourites, Poverty Pie, a delicious potato and onion pie feeding a family of four for less than 30p a portion. Current readers will be able to access my first week’s recipes for free, just type in the code FILTHYLUCRE when prompted.


  1. Dear Mr Reasonable
    We are always looking for cheap and easy lunch recipes in my office although the cost of potatoes that I grow are my allotment will soon be notionally 3 times as expensive since Barnet Council decided to nearly treble the rent.
    When you publish the recipe for Humble Pie don't expect anyone from NLBP will be downloading it will they ? Both go well with extra mustard.
    Yours amusedly
    Mr Mustard

  2. Dear Mr Reasonable
    I am sorry to hear that you have fallen on such hard times but am worried that you may have some stiff competition to your new endeavour.
    Have you considered Barnet Council's own recipes: Recipe for Disaster; Recipe for Chaos; etc?
    Ooh Missus

  3. Not to mention that old favourite "Toad in the Hole"