Thursday, 24 March 2011

Council step back from cashless only parking policy

For all the talk of a cashless only pay by phone parking system being introduced, it appears that the council are having to bow to the pressure of so many people who say they do not have mobile phones. I read in the latest tranche of Delegated Powers Reports that Barnet are contracting with PayPoint to allow people to pay for their parking in local shops which have a PayPoint terminal. PayPoint also operate the telephone payment system so the two systems should work together. There will be a fee to pay by cash of 5% of the value of each transaction, with a minimum fee of 15p per transaction.
Having tried to park at 4 separate locations in the last week only to find that on each occasion the pay and display machines were not accepting cash, I think this is probably a welcome step not only for drivers but also for shopkeepers and the Council who must be losing significant revenue from people who simply drive away when they can't pay by cash.


  1. But from a postcode in High Barnet C zone, say EN5 4LX, its 0.3 miles to the nearest Paypoint agent. A ticket will be issued during your absence from the car and 20 mins will be lost. Much better just to have working ticket machines. Cash is the same all over the Country. I carry a bag of change for meters in my car ( boringly organised I know )

  2. Also, lowest new car park charge is 50p. 15p on top of that is 30% They aren't EasyCouncil; they charge more like Ryanair.
    Cash is King in my view.
    What about getting machines that accept contactless and/or real credit cards ?

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  4. Mr Mustard you were a bit quick on the follow up there! But yes of course you are right - it is common sense and something which sometimes appears to be in short supply at Barnet.

  5. Other boroughs seem to merely 'nudge' people towards cashless payments, with notices saying one can pay by phone, if desired.
    Barnet is incapable of a nudge - it pokes you in the eye instaed.