Monday, 5 July 2010

Update on the removal of the traffic lights at Margaret Road

Having done some research on the GLA website, I have found the original studies on which some bright spark determined that removing the traffic lights from the junction of East Barnet Road and Margaret Road might be a good idea. Frankly they are poor and make sweeping generalisations. They are take no account of the benefits or disbenefits for pedestrians - so it's only cars and lorries that matter these days then. Worst of all it shows that the saving made by removing the lights are marginal. I have calculated that if there is just one serious accident in 17 years or one fatal accident in 147 years following the removal of the lights at East Barnet Road, it negates all of the financial benefit!

This is nothing short of a disgrace. If you are against the removal of these traffic lights then send an email to Kulveer Ranger, (kulveer.ranger@ the Mayor's Transport Advisor and the man who appears to be promoting the ridiculous scheme.


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