Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tonight's Residents Forum

The good news from tonight's residents forum is that we have a cast iron, 100% guarantee from Councillor Evangeli that the traffic lights will not be removed from the junction of Margaret Road and East Barnet Road. I await confirmation of this from TFL.

The bad news was the confusion around the JCoSS travel plan which apparently has been submitted and approved. This seemed to have many people scratching their head as for the past 12 months local residents have been asking when this will be discussed with the community. I suspect that many there will feel they have been hoodwinked. A very long list of questions about JCoSS from a local resident was deemed to have been submitted late and was not answered at the meeting.

The other bad news was that no debate was allowed on the councillors allowances. It is a great shame that the only channel available for residents to express their views about councillors actions is effectively stifled when it raises topics the councillors do not want to discuss. We were told that if residents have any comments or views about councillors allowances they should deal with them at councillors surgeries.

1 comment:

  1. The USSR Politburo had nothing on this load of untalented, overpaid, secretive, self-perpetuating "leadership".

    If residents cannot talk at a "residents forum", about how much the senior councillors are trousering (or pursing) from their activities, then Barnet is an operation that ought to be closed down. Divide it between the surrounding authorities (want to be in Hertfordshire?)