Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Barnet Residents Forum Consultation - Bit more effort please Barnet

Barnet have at last put the Residents Forum questionnaire on the Council's consultation hub website even though they have had since April to sort this out. However, what they have posted is the same Word document they gave out at the residents forums. You can't fill it in on line, you have to print it out, complete the survey and then either scan it back into your computer and email it or put it in the post. The Council has an on line survey account but they have not bothered to use it.

Rather than sit and just moan, I thought I would be helpful to the Council so I have drafted an on-line survey which captures most of the questions the council was trying to ask but hopefully in a format that can actually be used to generate solutions. It took me no more than a couple of hours - so why couldn't the Council. Effort 3/10

Please take 5 minutes to fill in the survey. Click here to take survey I will be collating the results which I will take along to the Council meeting next Monday.

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