Thursday, 16 May 2013

Your Chance to Inspect Barnet's Accounts

Once a year Barnet residents get a chance to inspect the Council's accounts. Now I would suggest people don't get their hopes up too much. Last year the Council placed as many obstacles as possible in the way of a few residents carrying out their legal right to inspect how Barnet spends OUR money. Notice has been published today in the Barnet Press that residents can inspect the accounts between Monday 3 June and Friday 28 June. You cannot just turn up, you have to book an appointment and I suggest you send details of what you want to inspect in advance. To book your appointment you have to send your request to the following email address: I am sure you may see some of the Barnet Bloggers in attendance. You will also be able to ask questions of the external auditor Paul Hughes of Grant Thornton on Monday 1st July. Again you have to book an appointment in advance with Mr Hughes. His email address is

Please see the details of what you can ask and how on the Council's website.

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