Monday, 25 June 2012

Barnet Councillor Allowances - Value for Money?

Last week I blogged that the 2010/11 Councillors allowances had at last been released but that 2011/12 were not yet available. Well this morning I tried again and they are now available here. What is striking is just how many non Cabinet members are still drawing allowances in excess of £20,000. For example Dean Cohen received £24,257.10 and that was before he was elevated to the Cabinet. Cllrs Davey and Finn also received just over £24,000 whilst Cllrs Perry, Prentice, Rayner, Scanell and A Tambourides all earned just under £26,000. Cabinet members received around £28,000 with the deputy leader and leader earning more. In total Councillor allowances are over £1 million a year.

Now the public needs to think about this hard. According to the Office of National Statistics the average earning of people employed is £467 per week which equates to about £25,000 per annum. So some Councillors are drawing a full time salary for the work they do.  My question to ratepayers is does this represent value for money? I must make the point that one Councillor continues to draw less than they are entitled to. Well done Brian Salinger.


  1. Perry & Prentice are 2 of my councillors along with Goldenarse Longstaff. I would't give you half-a-crown for the 3 as a matching set

  2. Let’s all play Family Fortunes.

    Alison & Richard Cornelius £64, 824.04 (£1,246.62 per week)

    Andreas & Joanna Tambourgreedy £53,982 (£1,038.11 per week)

    Dean & Melvin Cohen £44,844.01 (£862.38 per week)

    Lord & Lady Palmer £38,895 (£747.98 per week)

    Brian & Kate Salinger £23,166.58 (£445.51 per week)