Thursday, 23 February 2012

One Barnet Outsourcing - Another Casualty

News reaches the Bloggers of Barnet that poor old FM Conway have dropped out of the bidding process for Development and Regulatory Services contract.

"The council has received confirmation that EC Harris is now the sole partner in the EC Harris and FM Conway consortium, as FM Conway has decided to withdraw from the process. EC Harris is one of the short listed bidders for the Development and Regulatory Services (DRS) project, the other being Capita Symonds".

I wonder how many other One Barnet watchers are speculating long it will be before EC Harris read the writing on the wall and see that Capita are now a shoo in for the contract.

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  1. My question Mr Reasonable is that the scoring will have been based upon the contributions of both companies and they had chosen to work together so that they could cover all of the multifarious services being oddly bundled together ( cemeteries and highways for example ) and so really should not the whole scoresheet be done again and that may relegate EC Harris out of the top two.

    That would leave the council in uncompetitive dialogue with Capita.

    If only they had let staff legitimately bid against the likes of Capita for each specialist unit we could have received competitive bids from local companies and helped keep the economy of Barnet booming instead of Bangalore's.