Friday, 24 December 2010

£200k for more senior council posts

So next year we face some pretty swingeing cuts. Front line services will be cut, the quality of life will deteriorate. Crossing patrols will get the chop, our museums look like they will close, libraries are in jeopardy and the future of the Artsdepot is in doubt. So what do Barnet Council do? They go and authorise another £200k a year to be spent on the HR department to accommodate the needs of that wondrous programme, One Barnet. So how many extra posts are they creating? Er well actually the number in the HR department will fall from 81 to 80. So why the additional cost. Ah we need some super human HR professionals, an Assistant Director to HR, Resourcing and Performance Manager, and Reward Manager which is costing £191,790, including on costs. In addition there is a further £12,489 of costs. Originally this was due to come from savings within other department budgets but it now appears that it is coming from contingency funds. This is all set out in the delegated powers report 1133 . This just strikes me as madness!This report was drafted back in July but it was only signed off by our sub-contractor Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer (Halliford Associates) on 22 December.

Mr Reasonable wishes all of his readers a very merry Christmas/season's greetings (including those members of Barnet Council who regularly drop by) and hopes that next year the council will see reason and start listening to what the residents of Barnet are saying. Oh well I live in hope!

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  1. Reward Manager??????
    I despair. But Merry Christmas to you, Mr Reasonable, and a Happy Blogging New Year.