Friday, 30 April 2010

Candidates opposed to superstores - week 2

This week's East Barnet Advertiser sets out the views of the remaining three sets of candidates, Conservatives, Lib Dems and BNP.

Firstly starting with the Conservatives, they continue to claim that they are "leading the battle against the supermarkets". I think that is a somewhat exaggerated claim and I am shocked that they are claiming option one of the town centre framework is only there because of them. Personally, I think the stalwarts at the Save New Barnet campaign deserve the credit for that one. The Conservatives make no reference to the Local Development Framework which will encourage developers to build blocks of flats all along the A110 in a similar fashion to the block of flats that have sprung up along Station Road. I think that is worrying for the area.

Moving onto the Lib Dems they make clear their opposition to the supermarkets but again no mention of the Local Development Framework and the impact of lots of new flats on the area. I also think it is a bit rich to knock the Tories for not living in the ward when only one of the Lib Dem candidates does so.

As for the BNP they make no mention whatsoever of supermarkets, flats, planning etc so I think I'll leave it there.

Overall it appears that only the Resident's Association of Barnet have stated clearly that they are opposed to both new superstores and blocks of flats along East Barnet Road. I know who I will be voting for!

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