Monday 14 February 2011

Lollipop staff and management waste

If ever there was an example of what is wrong at Barnet Council it could not have been set out more clearly than in response to a question to tonight's cabinet. The question asks how much of the £157,000 saving generated by the cutting the crossing patrol staff represented their salaries and how much was for central overheads. Well the shocking answer is that the crossing staff salaries account for just over one quarter of the total cost. Just £41,503 of the cost of crossing patrols is for staff. The other £115,497 is for management, HR and IT. To me the answer is obvious keep the crossing patrols and get rid of the colossal management overhead at North London Business Park. I also wonder how much of this inefficiency is replicated elsewhere.I would also like to bet that much of that £115,497 saving is never actually achieved.


  1. WOW!I feel sick.

  2. An article about lollipop crossing attendants being cut in other London Boroughs

    Look at the figures. Labour run Lambeth is cutting 24 attendants to save £150K and Labour run Southwark is cutting 10 patrols to save £50K.

    So Lambeth spends £6,250 per crossing attendant, Southwark spend £5,000 and Conservative run Barnet? I make that £14,270 per crossing attendant.