Saturday 5 February 2011

Another Senior Post Held by a Contractor

Looking through the expenses payments I see that Advance HR Consulting is yet again in receipt of a decent slug of money, £27,000 in the last three months and £28,750 from Jul-Sept.Interestingly the sole director of this company is Mr Jason Wheatley Interim Resourcing, Performance & Talent Manager at Barnet Council. According to Mr Wheatley's Linkedin page he has been at Barnet since May 2009. Now don't get me wrong. I have no issue with Mr Wheatley. However I do have an issue with the council's strategy of employing subcontractors on "interim" posts who end up at Barnet for prolonged periods. 21 months in an "interim" post seems excessive to me. What do other people think?


  1. Mr Reasonable: when these sort of senior officer posts are filled in this way, how much more is the salary paid, assuming it is not based on local government rates?

  2. Good question Mrs Angry. All I would say is that £100k per annum seem an awful lot for an HR role.