Friday 11 June 2010

LDF Draft Postponed

I went along to the Scrutiny Committee and spoke about my concerns with the Local Development Framework. and how it was failing New Barnet. I followed this up with an email to one of our local councillors along with detailed evidence of how the LDF is ignoring the views of local people and the local elected representatives by continuing to promote New Barnet as an areas for mixed use development (supermarkets).

I am pleased to say having just read the agenda for the Cabinet Committee meeting on 21 June, where the draft LDF was due to be approved for final consultation, it appears to have been withdrawn.

I am sure it will reappear again at some stage but for now we have got the Council to pause for reflection. Mr Reasonable will continue to keep an ever vigilant eye on any planning matters affecting New Barnet - next will be the Town Centre Framework.