Wednesday 2 August 2017

Barnet Payments for June - Capita earn a fortune and a booze up on the Council

June was a particularly expensive month with a total suppliers payments bill of £70 million, double the average. A few payments stand out as follows:

Re (the Capita joint venture that runs, planning, environmental health trading standards and many other regulatory services) were paid £20.36 million. That includes their monthly contract fee of £ 4.2 million plus assorted small payments plus one large one for £15.92 million. I will have to investigate why so much was paid to Re and for what - the summary merely says "various"

Capita were also paid a fraction under £2 million on the Customer Support contract. I find this surprising  given that, as the recent audit meeting identified, "as at 31 March 2017, the Council has a prepayment balance of £44.7 million in respect of its Customer and Support Group (CSG) contract". Barnet keep saying they are hard up and have to make cuts to key services, yet they can afford to make a massive advance payment to Capita. We were supposed to receive a credit of £500,000 for making the advance payment last December but so far I have seen no credit for this amount (but I have seen a bill for £500k  in May - I wonder if they got it muddled up?).

Comensura , through which all agency and interim staff are consolidated, billed Barnet £1.53 million in June. There was talk of the Council making major inroads into the agency staff bill, but in the first three months of this financial year they have already spent £4.23 million which doesn't bode well.

At a more micro level, yet again the council's desire for town twinning meant a nice party at The Haven Bistro & Bar in Whetstone. This happened last year as you can read here. This year they spend £30 less but still managed  to run up a bill of £1,521.90. Given everyone is being asked to volunteer and councillors do receive a generous allowance, especially if they chair a committee, I would have expected each attendee to have chipped in £50 to cover the bill. But this is Barnet and they don't do things that way here.


  1. Yes: the Tory councillors' complacency over the amount of money being milked from the Capita contracts is nicely echoed by their indifference to the message sent by their slap up meal, at our expense, at the Haven. I witnessed this, being in the restaurant with family, to celebrate a birthday. Ironically, the birthday of a family member made redundant by the Tory councillors, in one of their austerity cuts - of course I made sure to remind the councillors of this, as we passed through the bar where they were enjoying pre-dinner drinks. The Tory leader happily confirmed to us that the bill for their party would be paid by taxpayers.

  2. It isn't just the fact that they are dining out at our expense but the fact they have no shame in doing it. Their self-serving arrogance sickens me.