Saturday 1 December 2012

One Barnet and One Million of Fees in October

What a million pounds looks like.
October supplier payments are out and having read through the 4,400 payments I was shocked at what I found. One Barnet is an expensive project but in October costs rocketed to a new stratospheric level.

Barnet Council's implementation partner Agilisys billed £780,913.52 in October - yes over £3/4 million pounds in just one month. Trowers & Hamlins, the Council's legal advisors also billed £318,499.70 to the Council's commercial department (dealing with One Barnet). I have specifically excluded fees T&H bill for legal advice to children's services and the housing account.

So in total, the bill for One Barnet Advice in October was £1,099,413.22 or £47,800 every single working day.

Conservative cabinet members keep saying we have to spend money to save money but frankly I think they have completely and utterly lost control. The bill for Agilisys in two years of their three year contract has now hit £4.8 million against an estimated cost of £2 million for the entire three years.

I originally thought the bill might reach £6 million by the end of the contract period. I reckon that now it will be at least £7 million and possibly even £8 million. All in the name of saving money - I despair!

Interestingly Capita Symonds also submitted an invoice for £5,000 for consultancy fees for organisational development and customer services area and billed to the Chief Executive's.department. I sincerely hope the Chinese walls are in place and robust.

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