Tuesday 21 February 2012

East Barnet shops put at risk for £1,000 a year

Last night's cabinet meeting was a tragedy. All the local residents who have been working hard on alternative options to the closure of Friern Barnet Library were dismissed out of hand. Cllr Rams had tweeted earlier in the day that the decision to close Friern Barnet Library was made last year. Why then, asked one of the residents, had they encouraged them to come up with alternative plans. Good question no real response. Why is Friern Barnet Libraray being treated differently from Hampstead Garden Suburb Library. Hmm. Doesn't need a genius to guess the answer to that one.

Residents opposed to private events in public parks, dismissed. Budget cuts nodded through.

Sadly for East Barnet is was confirmed last night, in the response to a question put forward by Barnet Bugle proprietor Dan Hope, that parking charges will be introduced in Church Hill Road car park. The income generated from introducing charges in 6 currently free car parks is only £6,000 a year, an average of just £1,000 a year from each car park. So do you think that this will help the traders in East Barnet village at a time when so many shops are struggling. I don't think so! Two East Barnet Councillors sit on the cabinet and have agreed the introduction of these charges. Cllr's Joanna Tambourides and Robert Rams should hang their heads in shame, oh no sorry they don't do shame. That was quite apparent last night.


  1. "Residents opposed to private events in public parks dismissed." That says all you need to know about the Tory group's interest in what the people of Barnet think. More than 1000 people took part in the consultation exercise on this and council officers say the the results show "strong feelings" against the idea of privatising the parks. So naturally Coleman and co will press on with it. What hypocrisy!

  2. There is no genuine consultation in Barnet. Decisions are made long before any pretence at 'consultation' takes place, by a minority of Tory councillors who bully or entice their colleagues into voting through everything they suggest. I don't know who to despise more: the bullies or the cowards who could put a stop to all this if they really wanted to. They are a despicable bunch.