Saturday 28 May 2011

April Spending at Barnet Council

Having had a quick scan through the April supplier payments over £500 at Barnet Council, a few things jump out at me. First of all, no invoice this month from Halliford Associates (Mr Travers, Deputy Chief Executive) or a number of other consultants.

Our friends LogicaCMG who have being working on the SAP system for the last 6 years were paid £961,412.57 in April. That pushes the total spent on implementing the SAP system to £22 million on a project that was originally budgeted to cost £2.5 million (see previous post)

As a footnote I see that the Sandbanks Hotel is popular again - £13,550.71. Am I the only one who wonders why there is a need to keep splashing out at this lovely hotel although why it is classified as rent in the payments seems a bit puzzling.


  1. as a computer systems consultant, with some knowledge of the barnet sap scandal, i wonder why this council likes to employ such vast costly and complex systems and providers?
    it is possible that a similar system could have been purchased for less than the original budget by uk providers.

  2. Hi Anonymous, I would be very interested to hear more of your views on the SAP system as I think this is an area that need much more exposure. Please feel free to email me on